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Consider this; asking the Lord to bless us is one thing; possessing the necessary tools to care for those blessings is another. Once the initial euphoria of having attained a thing has worn off, the true cost of ownership kicks in. The things we intend to build; Relationships, endeavors, and especially this covenant we are in with the Lord; do we have the spirit of cultivation, where we are willing and able to ensure that the things granted to us are properly maintained? Have we counted the cost? If not, then gaining what we want will do more harm than good. Learn to Count the cost before committing to build.
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The Florida Lectureship

The Tri-County Leadership Group was responsible for planning the 2015 Florida State Lectureship and invited me to develop the conference identity including the graphics presentation. Everything from web graphics to banners, signage, and event collateral was developed using a basic color scheme and pattern.

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