Inspired by the bold graphic work being done in Europe, Rand brought a radically different approach to the job. As he saw it, an ad’s effectiveness lay in the way words and images were combined on the page. “Rand’s ads have words and pictures, but they’re all fused into one symbol,” Albrecht says. Rand introduced a crucial new ingredient into commercial art: form. By paring down copy and breathing white space into his compositions, Rand made his advertisements stand out from the dense.

He embraced wit and humor, developing friendly hand-drawn characters for spirit-maker Dubbonet and the cigar company El Producto. He used bold, arresting colors. He signed every one of his creations. “He thought he was bringing art to advertising,” Albrecht says. Rand’s reputation continued to grow. An ad that ran in the The New York Times in 1953 gives some of his stature. “Wanted: Art Director with a modern, creative touch. Need not be a Rand but must be able to inspire an art department.”

Featured Project

The Florida Lectureship

The Tri-County Leadership Group was responsible for planning the 2015 Florida State Lectureship and invited me to develop the conference identity including the graphics presentation. Everything from web graphics to banners, signage, and event collateral was developed using a basic color scheme and pattern.

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Public Relations

Successful brands own their message. The stories told about them have been shaped by them through a strong focus on relationship building. In a world where reputation is king, having a strong hold on public relations goes a long way in assuring success.

Campaign Management

Whether it’s a brand launch or a sponsorship and fundraising strategy, managing the campaign, from logistics to budgeting, execution and assessing metrics is essential.. We can help you develop a winning strategy for your organization.

Brand Development

It’s your vision, we’re simply here to help you articulate it. We offer everything to assist you in developing the brand management strategy suitable for your product or service. through brainstorming and brand needs assessment, we can help your product or service thrive.

Print Design

In today’s digital world, we often overlook print as a viable part of a marketing strategy. Printed collateral is still essential to a strong engagement campaign. From business cards to large scale banners and everything in between, we can cover it.

Online Strategy

Your web strategy must go much further than simply having a website. All facets of the web are considered fair game when developing an effective online strategy. From content development to design and deployment, we can help.

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You have stories to tell; let us help you craft them. We’ll assist in preparing your Proposals, exhibits, booklets, articles, and anything else requiring written words.